Project is now in Codeplex

After speaking with Mash at the weekend, I have tidied up the code and managed to create a Codeplex project. Currently, the source code is available for download as a whole. I’ve not had a chance to set the project up with full source code as yet but it will be done in the near future. Anyways, here is the link:

Project Vanquish on Codeplex

I had a slight tidy up of the source code as well. I’ve also altered the way that you add a Model. The “SceneManager” class is now public and “AddModel” is now static, allowing you to add a model using the following code:


I’ll carry on implementing new things whilst tidying up some more. One point that has been highlighted from the tidy up, is the need for a Model class. I’ll think about doing this next, but would love to get the shadows working first.