First YouTube Vid

By Neil_Knight Posted in XNA

8 comments on “First YouTube Vid

  1. Your engine is coming along real nicely. I’ve been curious about LPV for a while now, thinking of using it to ditch my shadow mapping as I’m going mad with it. Is this in a current revision of your source code?

    I’ve also finally made my engine code public at Feel free to check it out.

      • Well, at least I managed to fix my PSSM code. I’ve posted a detailed overview of my engine’s source files. I have to come up with some more organized form of documentation. Pity that CodePlex doesn’t have a wiki.

      • I’m looking forward at getting stuck into your code. I was very impressed with your depth of field screenshots, so am looking forward to see how you’ve achieved that effect.

  2. I don’t know which algorithm you used for LPV, but surely you should take into account the scale of the 3D model. Everything seems to be too dark compared to the intensity of main light source.

  3. Still working on this? I took a break for several months, but continuing to finish the fight. I’m finally at a point where I can start tinkering more “under the hood” for features to make it easier to use, instead of just making graphics look nicer.

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