Light Propagation Volumes

I have been investigating this for sometime and I’ve finally started work on this. It alters the layout of the current version of Project Vanquish quite substantially. In fact, it’s pretty much a complete re-write, but hopefully this explains why I’ve not blogged in a while 🙂


Alpha blending sorted!

I have uploaded a new release, 20226. It’s not a full v0.0.5 release, but it now supports alpha blending. You can see this when the moon comes out and shows it’s glow. The fix was in the RenderTargets, and the fact that Color doesn’t allow AlphaBlending. Just need to resolve the, what looks like, depth fighting issue as you should be able to clearly see the moon like in the debug output window.

Ah, tis time for bed

Looking for help…

Over the past couple of days I have been trying to implement Alpha Blending. Everytime that I try to do, I get errors. I’m looking for some assistance in this area, so if you do have the knowledge and time, please drop me a comment and let me know. You’re help would be gratefully appreciated.