Playing around with the new Point lights

Nothing majorly impressive, but I think it looks great with the new shadow enhancements. Now, if I can integrate a nice GUI which allows you to pick the colour and range of the light, it would be pretty immense.

By Neil_Knight Posted in XNA

5 comments on “Playing around with the new Point lights

  1. Sadly doing a GUI in XNA is a bit of an issue. It is a fair bit of work to write a complete one yourself, and most of the libraries you can find are (in my opinion) so-so. Having hit this same problem recently myself, I decided to integrate Awesomium, and that worked like a charm. If you’ve any web programming skills I think you might find that a surprisingly easy and incredibly flexible way to go.

    I’ve been working with the Project Vanquish code (I started writing my own deferred solution much like you did, but clearly much later; I trashed my own and am now using the guts of Vanquish). If you go this route, I’d be glad to send you my rather prototype-ish code that integrates with Awesomium. I’ll undoubtedly talk about it on my recently started dev blog in any case.

    • Firstly, it’s great to hear that you are using Vanquish as a code base. That was the idea behind the project. It was a starting point for others (and myself) to be able to make games easier in XNA. Do let us know the address of your development blog that you’ve started.

  2. The blog is at ISo far I’ve mostly been going on about the last few engine bits I’ve worked on (adding triplanar texturing and hardware instancing). My next post will probably be about how I’ve used Project Vanquish and the minor changes I’ve made in the process.

  3. Also I noticed you were pondering a UI in this post. I’ve been working up to the same thing; there didn’t seem to be any good systems, and I didn’t feel like going off on a tangent to write a decent one of my own. So I took a whack at using Awesomium, and that has worked _really_ well for me. That’s another thing I want to do some posts about, and throw up some of my code. It turned out to be really quite simple (well, it helps if you have any web development experience since the UI is all in HTML, of course).

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