New BoundingBox Renderer

I had a bit of spare time before I start to re-implement the SSAO, so I went on the hunt for some good articles about Bounding Boxes. I finally found a good article by Tim Jones which explained everything and had a great code example. I read through the article and wondered how I’d get away from creating a DrawableGameComponent for each model so I have modified the BoundingBoxComponent code in order to remove this.

With a slight shuffle of the code, it is now instantiated in the Actor class and the SceneManager class now has a new property, ShowBoundingBoxes. Set this to true and you’ll see them 🙂

No Bounding Boxes

Bounding Boxes


5 comments on “New BoundingBox Renderer

  1. Hey Neil,

    I have a question about your camera class. I notice that you use a Matrix. Is their any reason you prefer to use a Matrix other than a Quanternion? I am currently using a Quanternion, and I beleive that are quicker to calculate than a Matrix. What is your take on this?


  2. When I was going to college at Full Sail University for game development. We were programming in C++ and had to create and manage all of our calculations for everything, including the camera. We created the camera using Matrices. The instructed showed us that when using a quanternion vs. matrix, that a calculation on a quanternion is much faster than with a matrix. But i was wondering if it is faster/slower/same when everything is managed for you like XNA does. XNA has methods you call to calculate everything, so I dont know if its faster when using XNA or not for either.

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